Groupon gives you the ability to experience more of what life has to offer and avoid falling into the dull monotony of the everyday.
We'll place ads in airport terminals to get people thinking about Groupon the instant they arrive in a new city.
We'll catch people on their lunch break and give them a nudge to take the rest of the day off. Once they scan the QR code they'll be shown a list of the top Groupon deals for experiences in their city.
We'll place ads inside subway stations encouraging people on their way home to reroute themselves to a new experience with Groupon.
Next to digital display boards for incoming train times, we'll place our own boards to display the incoming Groupon deals.
Once users download the Groupon app they will be prompted to create an account and choose their location.

Each city will have a checklist of 10 experiences for the users to complete.

Once a city’s entire checklist is complete users will
unlock a hidden Groupon for travel to another city.
Art Director: Nikki Vandervelde​​​​​​​
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