There's fast food, and then there's real fast food.

When people want food fast, they immediately think of fast food.
They think of burgers, fries, sandwiches, chicken nuggets. How did these become the staples of fast food? Are they really faster than throwing an apple, a handful of spinach, and a knob of ginger in a simple, intuitive personal blender for 60 seconds? No. Definitely not. That’s as fast as it gets. So let’s ditch the grease, lose the lines, and forget the fries. We’re going to flip the script on fast food and show everyone how fast and easy real food can be.
Nutribullet. Real fast food.
We'll even introduce the world to healthier options of famous fast food slogans.
Pitch work made at VCCP
Copywriter: Sean Condrick
Executive Creative Director: Ray Del Savio
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