From March of 2020 to October of 2022, nearly 2.5 years, people were out of the office - whether working from home, remote, or hybrid - and missed out on quality time with their coworkers. 
White Claw gave back the 134 happy hours they missed during this period. From Maine to California, we delivered curated happy hour packages to help reconnect co-workers and provide an unforgettable and premium White Claw experience.
First, we reminded our audience of the joyous time they had gone so long without: happy hour.
Then, we announced our campaign to bring back all 134 happy hours that were missed over the past 2.5 years with a launch video and accompanying social assets.
We received thousands upon thousands of submission and carefully selected 134 winners. Then, we sent them each a box, completely bespoke to what they told us they missed most about happy. 
Along with their unique prize items, each winner received White Claw 134 Happy Hour branded koozies, tote bags, coasters, and a gift card to buy all the White Claw they needed.

To close out a successful happy hour, we created a wrap-up asset for our social to reminisce on all the fun.
Agency: VCCP
Copywriter: Sean Condrick
Art Director: Michelle Greeley
Designer: Jullia Halasz
Creative Directors: Marthon Pucci & Brian Caruso

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