White Claw made a holiday cocktail that featured their Hard Seltzer and Vodka. They named it "The Holiday Super Claw" and tasked us with teaching people how to make it.
Since the internet is overrun with traditional how-to videos, we partnered with comedy influencers to create spoofs of holiday rom-com trailers and weave the cocktail how-to in with all the sappy tropes of the genre.
First, we got our fans on social thinking about a White Claw holiday rom-com.
Then, we activated our influencers to post the holiday rom-com spoofs featuring The Holiday Super Claw cocktail recipe. We worked with ten influencers in total, these were just my two favorites.

In the spirit of the holidays, we gave people a fun way to make the perfect Super Claw: Ice Molds in the shape of a shot glass.
We gave the Super Claw Ice Molds to our fans through a sweepstakes on our social. We made custom packaging, and filled each box with a tongue-in-cheek instruction list on how to make ice.
To announce the sweepstakes, we released this his promo video which we had shot ourselves. 
It ended up being the highest-performing organic social asset of the year for White Claw, setting new benchmarks for impressions and engagement rate. Plus, they gained 1,000 followers in the 24 hours after the post went up.
Agency: VCCP
Copywriter: Sean Condrick
Group Creative Director: Gianmaria Schonlieb
Video Editor: Adam Nunez
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